Broken blinds can be a hassle. You probably already know that animals, children, the sun’s rays along with the regular wear and tear on your blind lead to the deterioration of the actual blind string. We all know how fragile the string of your blind is which may leave such blind completely useless to you. Most people struggle when they realize that they don’t have many options. After many years of facing this problem, we have discovered a few possible solutions.

1. Ignore the problem and discontinue using the blind.
2. Find someone locally who can repair your blind.
3. Ship the blinds to some reliable person on the internet.
4. Replacing the entire blind.

As you can see, these options just won’t work for most people. With that in mind, we have designed our kits to be an “out of the box” solution. Our kits eliminate the most frustrating parts of the repair process.

You deserve a better solution! we engineered our kits to provide the following benefits to you:
1. Our kits allow you to repair your blind in about 15 minutes in your own home.
2. Our kits save your time finding someone you trust locally (if that’s even an option).

3. The hassle of driving your blind to that repair shop and return in a few days to pick the blind up and The security risk of having your windows exposed in your home for days.

4. Our kits also help you avoid the expense of shipping your blind if you can’t find someone locally. Risking that the repair will even be done correctly. And avoid the risk that your blind will be returned to you!

5. The best part…our kits cost about 85% less than purchasing a new blind!

Our kits provide an affordable and quick solution to your repair problems. Our restring kits are designed to make your repair process fast and simple. The reason we sell so many kits every day is that it’s hard to ignore a solution that saves you time, money and head ache right in your home! For more information click on the order now: button below.

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