Offical Child Safety Kits

Protect Your Children From Strangulation

Many children die or suffer serious injuries every day from chocking on blind cords. Our kits include all the items you will need to avoid the danger of losing your children. All of our kits include cleats, screws and installation instructions.

  1. Our kits are very affordable which allows you to purchase one for each window and still save money.
  2. Our Kits are easy to install saving you valuable time and headache.
  3. Our kits are shipped directly to your home saving you the headache of searching for them.

The directions were clear and the product did what it said it would do! I would buy this again!
Barbara (Oregon)

I have order these kits a few times and it always does a great job. I’m not a handyman but these kits solve a real problem.
Jessica ( Florida )

  • Save Time

    Our kits save you time finding someone you trust locally (if that’s even an option.)

  • Avoid Head Aches

    The hassle of driving your blind to that repair shop and return in a few days to pick the blind up.

  • Save Money

    Our kits also help you avoid the expensive of shipping your blind if you can’t find someone locally.

We Include Everything You Will Need To Keep Your Family Safe!
  • Protect Your Family

    Since 1996 1,590 accidents to children have been reported from blind cords. Our kits will help you completely avoid that possibility.

  • All The Tools You’ll Need

    Our kits come with every necessary to protect your family from injuries or fatalities.

  • Avoid Hardware Stores

    Most big box retails, hardware stores and local stores do not carry these critical kits. We ship them directly to your home at an affordable price.

Keep Your Family Safe Today!!!