Customer comments

Thanks for all the great feedback, please keep these comments coming (Both positive and Negative)

  • Great for the price! Kathy (Missouri)
  • What a great item for the low price. I would highly recommend! Alax (Florida)
  • The directions were clear and the product did what it said it would do! I would buy this again! Barbara (Oregon)
  • This kit comes complete as promoted. Susan (Florida)
  • I carefully read the instructions and watched the video and followed then to a tee. Nancy (Washington)
  • This kit is ingenious before I found this website. I had an extremely difficult time trying to find a way to fix my broken blind. I was really skeptical but I’m glad I try it. I’m totally happy with the results. Excellent pricing too! Steve (Texas)
  • Fix that blind shipped out my kit quickly. The kit itself is high quality, which was critical to me. Karen ( California )
  • This product works great; it comes with enough string to easily finish the job. Great Deal. Dave ( Kentucky )
  • I used this to repair my cloth blind that my cat ripped. I didn’t have any knowledge of how to repair blinks before I bought this kit but I was able to repair mine very quickly. Very easy to use! Donna ( West Virginia )
  • I have order these kits a few times and it always does a great job. I’m not a handyman but these kits solve a real problem. Jessica ( Florida )
  • My son in law wanted to replace his (expensive) wood blind, so I ordered this kit to see if it would save money, I’m glad I did. It was easy to use and good quality at a good price. Tom ( Nebraska )
  • Just like everyone else I want to save time and money. I bought this kit to work in my honeydew’s or honeymoon’s list before the nascar race started. This product is simple and clever. Works very easy and I can be carpenter challenged with my skills at times. Great product thought! Gary ( Indiana )